AI Automotive Startups to Watch

More than $1 billion was invested in auto tech startups in 2016, with autonomous driving startups leading the way, according to research firm CB Insights. What is driving this frenzy? CB Insights has identified 44 large companies developing autonomous vehicles, including new players like Apple, Google and Chinese Internet giant Baidu as well as traditional car industry players. Read on to learn more about our picks for AI Auto Startups to Watch.

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WHAT IT DOES: Develops AI software that automakers can use to power fully autonomous cars. Its technology can process a car’s camera and sensor data in real time, allowing self-driving cars to recognize objects such as other vehicles and pedestrians and estimate their distances.

WHAT IT DOES: Adds artificial intelligence to cars of any age or brand via a device that is attached to the dashboard. Once plugged into a user’s smartphone the device’s AI software, which features advanced natural language capabilities and gesture recognition technology, serves as a kind of virtual assistant.

WHAT IT DOES: OSR, a Tier 1 supplier to car manufacturers, has developed an all-in-one AI ”brain” to control and manage autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles. Its AI system can port multiple electronic control units into a single system, while giving each domain its own AI functionality.